Sanctuary Coffee

It is not news that church supplies me with endless annoyances.

My church allows coffee in he sanctuary.  Big, old, formal, beautiful sanctuary.  And coffee cups… tipping over and spilling.  Slurps.  Swallows.  Whiffs of coffee.  It bugs me.

Are we supposed to be reverent during a worship service?  Maybe take one out of every 168 hours and set down our sippy cups and be part of something bigger?

I read arguments that it makes people feel more comfortable to be in an informal setting.

It makes me uncomfortable to be in a formal setting doing something informal.

I read arguments that the early Christians shared a common meal when they met so that should make it okay to have coffee in the sanctuary.  I’m almost positive that wine was part of the meal those early Christians had.

So I’m not going to bring my cup of coffee to church.  I’m going to bring my cup of wine and see how that works out for everybody.